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4g Hot Spot
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4g Hot Spot

Connect your new iPad™ and other favorite Wi-Fi-enabled devices
(laptops, printers, cameras, smartphones, and portable gaming devices)
to super fast mobile internet, leaving 3G carriers behind.
Hop on the internet virtually everywhere you go in the U.S., not just
places with free Wi-Fi. Your Clear Spot is always with you – in coffee
shops, at the airport, in hotels, at home.
Feel free to surf, email, download songs, watch videos, and socialize on
up to eight devices, all at the same time.
Securely share your Clear Spot with friends, family members and colleagues.

Specifications :

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Pricing :
Description SKU # Price
option 1 sku-1 100
option 2 sku-2 200
option 3 sku-3 300
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